Earls Court Wireless show today: password is Hunkymouse!

by Sniffer | posted on 08 August 2007

So OK, the Great British Beer Festival isn't, normally, recognised as a wireless exhibition. Nor is it known widely as a wireless convention. Nonetheless! - today, at Earls Court in London, a group of the usual suspects will be gathering around a table and discussing... beer, probably.


The NewsWireless gossip correspondent has been given his orders: "Show up! even if it's in disguise." The Boss will be there. At some point, the topic of conversation will, undoubtedly, turn to wireless. Or Web hosting. Or firewalls.

Any of NewsWireless's readers will be welcome to join us. Get yourself to Earls Court this afternoon, and phone 07970 945 203, say: "Hunkymouse" (or, if you prefer, "Monkey House") and we'll tell you where we are, and how to find us.

And if you prefer cider, that's OK. There's a lot of cider at the GBBF... but of course, the real focus is on beer, and good honest beer guts. A minor prize will be considered for the submitter of the best GBBF tummy photograph.

Last point: yes, it is Earls Court. It was always Olympia till last year, and those of you still wandering around North Kensington looking for it, head south...

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