AdBlock: a breach of contract with web owners? or pragmatic necessity?

Does anybody actually use ad blockers? Apparently, not. It's been categorised as something less than a Perfect Storm: a spat between two Mozilla addon writers, over whether adverts by web sites are part of the contract between the site owner and the reader. And it seems it's really not a big deal - yet.[more...]

Virgin - can morale get lower?

When Telewest/NTL bought Virgin, great things were expected, and Virgin publicity staff made much of how important it was to Sir Richard Branson that his name was associated with it, and how he would personally ensure... and so on. Letters from readers, however, tell a different story.[more...]

iPhone versus Windows Mobile: this week, the war begins

Frenzy. That's the best word for the acres of rubbish I've spread over my computer display today, just by typing "iPhone" into Google news. And it's a pretty safe bet that this frenzy will be overwhelmed by the tsunami of junk which will pour forth from bloggers and news sites after Steve Jobs is finished talking. But my focus will be on the rivalry between the iPhone and HTC's range of Windows Mobile devices.[more...]

"I trust the telecom operators more... than the UK's clueless and hapless Home Office."

First off, let me say that I like feeling secure; and believe me, living slap back in the middle of central London I'm acutely aware of the risks of terrorism.[more...]

Rant: "Real-time software: not needed on a mobile phone!"

Most of us shout at our phones. Today, it's me: I'm particularly furious with my (otherwise lovely) Nokia E61. I'm dialling numbers. It's ignoring me.[more...]

Roaming: mobile execs show how to destroy industry cred

I don't know a single senior executive in the mobile industry who, over a pint of beer, won't admit that the charges for texting, roaming and especially, texts while roaming, are absurd.[more...]