Mashup on "Being Digital" - London next month

by Guy J Kewney | posted on 21 May 2008

Being Digital is on 10th June, and is (says organiser Tony Fish) an opportunity "to debate the commercial, investment and tactical issues that matter when delivering and designing digital services that rely on variety (mashup) of information, data & services."

The event has seven themed debates on advertising, identity, content, location, social, retail and search across the important platforms of web, mobile and TV.

"In each theme," Fish writes, "there will be leading demo companies showing why it is real and how advanced some actually are." But this, he says, will not be any "big company slide deck" it will be "real cutting edge stuff."

The format is based on 22 successful mashup* events whose 2,306 delegates have seen 74 demo companies and heard 88 speakers debate these topics. Quoting from Fish's PR blurb:

The reason CxO level, MD’s, VC and digital entrepreneur’s have attended and are coming is to:-

* meet with other like minded thought leader who are well informed, but like to ensure that their thinking is in line with the market
* stretch their views and opinions across topics that may be complementary to their direct day to day issues, but can see will have an impact
* debate outcomes and directions and to test hypothesis with other well versed market leadersThe venue  is BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly London W1J 9LN and registration is online. Web site:

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