This is just a Skype mobile... never heard of Skype!

by Sniffer | posted on 02 November 2007

Hilarity in the office at NewsWireless, as The Boss shows off his new Skype phone from 3 UK - and demonstrates its texting capabilities.


First off, he found he'd forgotten his Skype password. After ten minutes of muffled curses, there was a cry of delight as he managed to link to Wendy Grossman - currently in New York. "Can't talk," she texted back. "But you'll get the net.wars column soon!"

The Boss attempted to tell her that he was not using his PC to chat, but the new phone. All went well up to the point where he tried to use the phone's own predictive text (T9) to create the message.

It referred to itself as a "Skyre" phone.

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