Uuups, indeed, Nokia!

by Sniffer | posted on 17 October 2007

If you've been inspired by our news item about Nokia Mobile Server and were thinking of downloading it, you'll need to know about the "uuups" on the Forum Nokia web site.


Go to the "introduction page" and scroll down to the part where it allows you to check whether your Nokia mobile works with the server.

Do NOT click on that! - well, not till the webmaster fixes it... it will take you to http://www.forum.nokiuuuupsa.com/devices/matrix_s60_3ed_1.html - which, trust me, doesn't exist. Just delete the "uuups" from the link, and it will work fine!

Here, if you want it: http://www.forum.nokia.com/devices/matrix_s60_3ed_1.html

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