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Bento for iPhone - Keep Business & travel memories organized and in your hand.

by Staff Writer | posted on 23 March 2010

Travel enthusiasts looking for an easy - and portable way to organize their next trip or archive memorable travel adventures may find 2 new tools from Apple's FileMaker of interest.

1) Bento for iPhone, a portable version of the company's popular personal database, is now on the App Store - with 25+ colorful templates for easy organizing.

2) Bento Template Exchange now allows Travelers to swap customized templates online (free) so there's never a shortage of new ideas. Templates can be downloaded to the Mac and synched to iPhone. See examples below.

Sample Travel Templates
Travel Hub - Track itineraries, things to remember, contacts, photos and video - even key phrases to keep in mind when in town. Perfect for business or personal travel. 

Vacation Diary - Keep notes and pictures from all your vacation destinations - complete with iTunes-style searching.

Ballparks - Track every baseball park you visit, noting the who, what, where and when for each ballpark and game. Cool sports ap.

Golf Courses - You know your game and where to play it. Track your scores, display course maps, rate your favorites and more.

Many more templates available at the Bento template exchange:

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