How can content owners and mobile operators work better together?

by Guy Kewney | posted on 08 July 2004

Next Tuesday 13th July - at 6.30pm - you can find a man with two hats on, in a pub in London. He's Paul Lanzarotti, and he is now the new head of Strategy and Product Development at Buongiorno - content provider. But he used to be with mmo2 ... and the SMS group, 160 Characters, has lined him up as star speaker.

Guy Kewney

The pub is The Evangelist, 33 Black Friars Lane, London EC4V 6EP - right next to the Blackfriars Underground station.

"What can be done to create a fertile ground for the mobile content industry. What more can and should operators do? What other routes to market are there? What has worked well in other countries?"

Lanzarotti (says 160's Mike Grenville) therefore is in a wonderful position to see the argument from both sides; the phone provider, and the content provider. He weareth, verily, two hats!

I gather Buongiorno won't be buying the beer, whichever hat he is wearing ...

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