What are "geek purses" and what do they have to do with mobile phones?

by Guy J Kewney | posted on 27 January 2009

A nice little co-operative email - we get these a lot - from a blog sharing syndicate... offering to give NewsWireless "useful publicity" if we link to them. Normally, these offers land on the spike. But this one spoke of "Geek Purses."

It started off listing several quite techie-sounding web sites like Nokia phones which it described as "an online blog for Mobile phones offering new Mobiles, news and reviews.

Then it moved on to Cordless phone which is, no surprise, "an online blog for cell phones offering new cellulars, Mobiles news and reviews.

Then it started to get weird with Designer gucci handbags and then explained that "GeekPurses.com is a blog updated daily with news and reviews on Designer purses. We offer the most up to date info on brands like coach, chanel, gucci and much more."

Gurly stuff, we though. But no: there's Mens Fossil Watches which was a product which achieved some notoriety a few years back. Maybe it's all really super-retro? a Dick Tracey throw-back? Maybe not: it's described as "an online Blog providing you with Rolex Watches reviews and information."

And then we had Designer Gold Jewelry - which appears to be exactly what it says: "an online blog updated 24/7 for Wholesale Jewelry Reviews, Celtic Jewelry, Costume Gold Cat Jewelry, Vintage Handmade and much more.

And what on earth would NewsWireless care about Mens New era caps? It says:

HatsAvenue.com offers hats news and reviews by New Era, Ed Hardy, DC & Stetson - Cowboy Hats - Winter Caps - Hard Hats for Mens & Womens.

Womens, eh? And Mens, too?

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What are "geek purses" and what do they have to do with mobile phones?

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