Games on mobile: a growing industry, needing coverage?

by Guy J Kewney | posted on 22 April 2008

It's true: NewsWireless coverage of games is pitiful. Till today, I never questioned the wisdom of this. Perhaps I should?

I'm prompted by a nostalgic  piece on a gaming blog, recalling the very early days of the "microcomputer revolution" when there were only about 600 people in the UK who knew what a microprocessor was. Being one of those 600 people (in 1977) meant I knew all the others, pretty much.

I'd like to believe I could do it all again. Sadly, even my vanity isn't equal to the challenge. These days, every "gadget site" focuses on phones, MP3s, and other electronic toys, with an obsessiveness which I can only admire. My chance of repeating the situation where "he knew all the senior people in the industry personally" is trivial.

Nonetheless, games on mobile are becoming a particularly important area. Should NewsWireless start taking this seriously?

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