Where Exradia's tech comes from

by Staff Writer | posted on 16 February 2007

Following our story about Exradia, the technology which "protects phone users from radiation," Henrik Eiriksson got in touch with the following comment - posted on our discussion board.

Hi Mr. Kewney & all.

James Fintain Lawler got the Exradia technology from a bunch of Danes and an Israeli scientist. The people behind EMX corporation, the original patent holders of the now Exradia "noise-field" technology are J.P. Folsgaard Bak, his wife Ulla Bak and scientist Dr. Thomas Magnussen. The inventor and original patent holder is Theodore Litowitz.

Being half Danish myself, Ulla Bak contacted me last year because I'm active in the movement to stop electromagnetic pollution and I had helped with scientific info in a lawsuit against a UMTS provider.

In that lawsuit I had, together with Dr. Gerard Hyland (the plaintiffs expert witness) provided evidence that turned out to verify the principle behind the EMX technology (ie: coherent pulsy signal = bioeffect and random noisy signal = not so severe bioeffect).

The EMX people noticed this and got in touch.

They sent me their entire scientific portfolio - a regular brick of a publication. It shows that the EMX noise-field principle has been verified to decrease the non-thermal bioeffects of mobile-phones, WiFi etc. by at least seven different independent research facilities. Every time it was found that superimposing a random noise field onto a mobile-phone signal decreased the stress reactions in cells exposed. So, I say the EMX Exradia stuff is pretty solid.

I don't think it's a complete solution, but it's a start...

Some older EMX stuff that explains the sci is available here.

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