Upgrading an SPV smartphone Bluetooth profile ...

by Stuart Jackson | posted on 26 April 2004

Orange has published details of a fix for several problems which may have bothered users of the first Bluetooth-equipped SPV smartphone.

Here's the official word:

You can improve the performance of your SPV E200 by downloading a new ROM Code Upgrade (click on the link at the bottom of this page). This will give you the following benefits:

Longer battery life which significantly improves standby time so that you can use your E200 much longer.

Improved sound quality from the loudspeaker, earphones, and microphone so that you can hear and be heard more clearly.

Improved Bluetooth support so that many more Bluetooth devices now work.

*PLEASE NOTE: There is no "Handsfree Profile" support in the SPV E200. If you are purchasing a car kit or handsfree Bluetooth device, ensure that the device supports "Headset Profile".

Before you continue with the update please check that:

* your PC is running Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP

* you have installed Microsoft ActiveSync 3.7 or later - which is available here and which was supplied on the companion CD in your SPV E200 box

* you have synchronised your SPV with your PC using the SPV cradle or USB cable

When you click on the link below to start the download, the update file will be placed on your PC first, and then automatically start the upgrade process. We have included simple instructions within this program to guide you through this process. The estimated download time is between 15 to 30 minutes.

Please connect your cradle directly into the USB port of your PC before starting the update, and ensure that your SPV is also connected to the power supply throughout the process.

ROM Code Upgrade Utility


Please go to the Orange web site, for more details.