Holidays over; the Hunky Mouse returns to work!

by Sniffer | posted on 31 December 2004

You've all had a nice break from mobility and wireless issues. The new year starts here ...


The Boss went off to Spain for his holiday break. With him, he took an impressive array of hardware, all designed to penetrate the ether and bring the Internet to his remote corner of the world.

In vain, it was. The satellite dish developed a fault - it found a signal, but couldn't connect. Same went for the two 3G cards he took. Also the cellphone modems - three of them, all dud.

The explanation for the cellphone failures would appear to be simple: an incompetent mobile network provider in Spain, in the form of Telefonica. It gave an IP address, but no DNS, and no routes through to the Internet.

The satellite dish was just a faulty model. We'll try that another time. Meanwhile, the rest of us all took a holiday. Best wishes for next year: the holiday is over!

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