net.wars: Replay

by Wendy M Grossman | posted on 27 December 2013 in News

"Annus horribilis" might be going a bit far for the Internet in 2013. Long-term one hopes it instead proves to be a watershed: the end of complacence.[more...]

net.wars continues...

by Wendy M Grossman | posted on 05 February 2014 in News

net.wars continues publishing every Friday at[more...]

net.wars: Here there be midget porn

by Wendy M Grossman | posted on 20 December 2013 in News

It's hard not to listen to outlines of the smart connected future we're facing and go "EEK! Dragons!" This is particularly true in the context in which these predictions are being made: caught between the Snowden revelations of endemic electronic spying and the UK government's censorship plans.[more...]

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